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Explore the Trail & Beyond

From the Liberty Tower at Dobbin's Landing in Erie to the confluence of the three rivers at Point State Park in Pittsburgh. The network of trails that make up the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail travel from urban landscape to urban landscape, to make the entire trip one will travel through quiet woodlands, farmlands, and small rural communities.  Along the way, you will find remnants of the gone by days of the oil and coal industries, the homes of those that help to transform the world through these commodities, and traces of the railroads that were at one time the most used means of transportation in and out of Western Pennsylvania.   In addition, trail users will find the once scared lands have for the most part recovered, and the waterways along the trail are once again regaining their health and provide a wide variety of aquatic life.  Eagles can often be seen soaring in the skies above,  while other wildlife varieties are abundant and can be spotted in the wooded areas and fields.  

Each community along the trail has its own flavor and welcomes you to visit and indulge in their special zest. 

Interesting locations to visit during your travels on the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail...


 If you would like to extend your ride at the northern point of the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail consider beginning your trip a day early and exploring the  3.1-miles of trails on Presque Isle State Park.  Ride the trails while enjoying incredible views of the Lake Erie, and the natural habit of the Peninsula.  Learn about the environment and the Isle's unique history.   Or if visiting n the warmer months you may just want to take some time and relax on one of the 11 beaches.

Presque Isle can be seen directly across from the Bicentennial Tower an Dobbin's Landing.

The Climax Locomotive originated in the City of Corry, PA.  This engine was used mainly on logging railroads all around the world.   

One of the engines was purchased by a local group and restored.  It is housed in a building in Mead Park in the City.   Contact the Corry Area Historical Society to make arrangements for viewing.  

climax locomotive mural.jpg

A mural of the Climax Locomotive is depicted in a mural that graces the side of building in historic downtown  Corry, PA. 


A large Amish community makes the area of and around Spartansburg home.  Not commercialized, the Amish provide goods to purchase at their residences.   

Spartanburg, with its older buildings the downtown, will take you back to a nostalgic time when life was a bit easier and more laid back.  If you have time Clear Lake offers great fishing and is just beautiful to sit and view.

Clear  Lake in Spartansburg offers a variety of fish from small and largemouth bass, to bluegill, sucker, northern pike and carp.  

The City of Titusville has many things to offer the explorer from historic Victorian homes, including the Tarbell House,  Perry Street Station, home of the OC& T excursion train,  music during the summer at Scheide Park and so much more.  Just outside Titusville along directly along the trail sits Drake Well Musem where you can learn about the rich oil history of the Oil Region, and the "Valley that Changed the World."

loading bikes at PC.jpg

You may want to take the train from Titusville to the  Petroleum Center or Rynd Farm Station where you can hop on the trail again to continue your cycling adventure.

Oil City is working hard to become an outdoor town with a wide variety of outdoor recreational opportunities surrounding it including two state-designated water trails (Oil Creek and the Allegheny River), the multiuse trail, hiking, and mountain biking just a few miles away, hunting and fishing opportunities, and more.   An artist town with many studios in the historic National Transit Building, visit the Venango Museum of Art, Science and Industry,  and take in the Victorian architecture.  Oil City is where the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail begins its journey along the Allegheny Wild and Scenic River.  

The Fines Art Transit Gallery can be found on Seneca Street in downtown Oil City, PA.

City of Pittsburgh is becoming the trail capital of southwestern Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh is the center of the Industrial Heartland Trails Coalition, as the end point or starting point for 5 of the 7 major corridors. In Pittsburgh you can connect to the Great Allegheny Passage, taking your journey from Erie to Washington, DC. The City of Pittsburgh continues improving bike infrastructure to connect the trails to it's unique neighborhoods and parks. Within the city you can connect to 26 miles of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail within the City, along the way you will find 42 interpretive sign sharing the history and nature of the region.

Heritage Trail Signage.JPG

The Three Rivers Heritage Trail Interpretive Signs can be found in 42 locations along the trail.

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