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Trails on the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail Corridor 

The Erie to Pittsburgh Trail is an estimated 270-mile corridor of connected trails from Erie to Pittsburgh.  Each trail has its own unique identity and experiences. For more information about the current connectivity of each trail, we recommend you contact the local trails individually.

Connector Trail

Offering a paved route the Bayfront Connector Trail takes riders across the city of Erie in northwestern PA.  

Erie Bayfront.jpg

The trail leads one from the Bayfront following the Bayfront Connector four-lane highway to Penn State Behrend Campus.

Seaway Trail .jpg

A share-the-road trail along Route 5, this national scenic byway provides beautiful views along the way.  It should be noted that the shoulders along this route vary from 3 feet to very limited shoulder width.   


As with all share-the-road segments of the trail,  you are riding with motor vehicles, and each rider should investigate on their own the condition of the route and traffic behaviors. 


Mainly consisting of undeveloped surface, this rail-trail provides a safe, attractive trail for non-

Chatautauqua RT 2.jpg

motorized users as it winds through wetlands, hardwood forests, pastures, and vineyards.  

Owner:  Chautauqua Rails to Trails 

P.O. Box 151, Mayville, NY 14757

Corry Junction 57847.jpg

A  7.5-mile trail, with a crushed limestone and gravel surface, transverses through the beautiful Brokenstraw Valley crossing the state connecting New York and Pennsylvania.

Owner:   Northwest Pennsylvania Trail Assn

PO Box 9401, Erie, PA 16505

The 8-foot wide asphalt, 3-mile trail is located in the Spartansburg area, which has an Amish population.  The

East Branch Trail Riders.jpg

trail has an adjacent gravel lane for horses, specifically those pulling Amish buggies to and from markets.  Built on an old rail corridor, users have great views of wooded areas, a lake,  and farmland.   

Owner: Clear Lake Authority

PO Box 222, Spartansburg, PA 16434

Queen City Trail.jpg

The 1.4 miles of paved trail connects the business district of Titusville to  Drake Well Museum and Oil Creek State Park.  A very short section of the trail is share-the-road along South Brown and Bank Streets.

Owner: City of Titusville

107 N. Franklin Street, Titusville, PA16354 

Oil Creek State Park Trail 3.jpg

A scenic 9.7-mile asphalt rail-trail runs parallel to Oil Creek through the wooded state park with restrooms and picnic areas strategically located along the trail.

The trail located in the "Valley that Changed

the World," offers a combination of natural beauty and historical significance.

Owner: Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of Parks; Oil Creek State Park

305 State Park Rd, Oil City, PA 16301

(814) 676-5915

                                                                           The trail winds along  Oil Creek                                                                                            connecting Oil Creek State Park                                                                                          with Oil City. 

Just south of the park, a 1.8-mile section is a share-the-road section on Waitz Road, a dirt road that has been surfaced with a compacted "driving surface", that has a few steep slopes.  

The southern 1.5 mile section of this trail is asphalt and aligns with an active class three railroad; the train speed is at approximately 10 MPH. 

Owner:  Oil Region Alliance,

217 Elm Street, Oil City, PA 16301.

The Oil City Trail is part share-the-road and partly designated trail that takes users through the center of town and then along the Allegheny River.  The trail connects the Samuel Justus Recreation Trail and the McClintock Trail. 

As with all share-the-road segments of the trail,  you are riding with motor vehicles, and each rider should investigate on their own the condition of the route and traffic behaviors. 

Owner: City of Oil City
21 Seneca Street

Oil City, PA 16301

Samuel Justus trail.jpg

The  Samuel Justus Trail is a 5.8-mile  asphalt trail that connects Oil City to Franklin. While on this trail one can view the Allegheny River for most of one's journey.   Historic sites and remnants of the oil industry can be seen from the trail.

Owner: Cranberry Township
3726 State Route 257
PO Box 378
Seneca, PA 16346
(814) 676-8812

                                                                           The Allegheny River Trail is 28-                                                                                         miles of smooth paved surface rail-                                                                                   trail that is built along the banks                                                                                    of  the Allegheny Wild and Scenic River from Franklin to Emlenton and additional three miles are complete from Foxburgh to Parker.  This scenic trail passes numerous historic locations and features two tunnels once used by the railroad. The Kennerdell Tunnel, 3350' long, is 15 miles south of Franklin and the Rockland Tunnel, 2868' long, is 21 miles south of Franklin.  Both tunnels are very dark so it is highly recommended to bring a bright light!


Owner:  Allegheny Valley Trails Association
Box 264
Franklin, PA 16323

Coaling Tower on Armstrong Trail_EPT.jpg

The 36-mile long Armstrong Trails is located on the former Allegheny Valley Railroad line along the eastern bank of the Allegheny River in Armstrong & Clarion counties in western PA. The trail links such towns as Ford City, Kittanning & East Brady and is a great place to bicycle, walk, jog, & cross country ski in a

safe, relaxing environment. Thirty miles of the trail, from Rosston to East Brady, is a crushed limestone surface with paved sections in Ford City and Kittanning. 

Trail Owner: Armstrong Trails

The Tredway Trail's full name is the Wynn and Clara Tredway River Trail.  A 2.5-mile crushed limestone surfaced  trail  runs on the eastern side of the Allegheny River just north of New Kensington, towards the Kiski Junction.

Owner: Allegheny Township

Millvale Riverfront Park.jpg

A 26-mile urban and suburban trail along the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers, this trail is a mix of asphalt, pavement, and limestone. Once the extension of the trail through the Allegheny River Valley is complete,

  it will add an additional 26 miles and connect 16 communities.

Trail Manager: Friends of the Riverfront

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